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Be a Smart Shopper

Is the deal promised the deal delivered? Especially with electronic scanners and payment by the swipe of a card, shoppers might not pay close attention to the actual sum they are charged.

Picture of the ACWM consumers sticker.

We remind shoppers that being charged a higher price than the attention-grabbing low price advertised means they didn’t get the deal they were promised, which may have been the very reason they chose one store over another. Shoppers should compare the price advertised to the price charged by check-out scanners, which are connected to the store computers and are only as correct as the information that has been entered. If a store is in the process of price adjustments, granting additional discounts to attract more shoppers, coordination of price sign postings and computer data input can be challenging. If not yet entered into the check-out system, shoppers may not get the price to which they are entitled.

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