Police woman making sure scales are up to par

Weights and Measures Bureau

Testing, registration, inspection of weighing, measuring devices, price scanners, gas pumps

Phone: 562.622.0402 or for consumer concerns, call 800.665.2900
Deputy Director Warren Dias

We are dedicated to ensuring that consumers receive the full weight, volume, count, or other measurement of commodities for which they pay. We regulate all petroleum fuel meters, utility submeters, odometers, taximeters, LPG meters, and all grocery, butcher, jewelry, postal, vehicle, luggage, and shipping scales. We test devices and order the removal of inaccurate devices from service until repaired and recalibrated. Inspectors perform undercover purchases at grocery and retail stores, gasoline stations, and recycling outlets to compare prices charged to advertised and shelf prices and to monitor appropriate use of scales and meters. We check packages for labeling and quantity accuracy.

Our Metrology Lab has Echelon III Accreditation status from the National Institute of Standards and Technology/Office of Weights and Measures, enabling us to calibrate and certify commonly used mass and volume standards for the service industry and other regulatory agencies.

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