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Environmental Protection Bureau

We enforce pesticide laws and regulations and detect exotic insect pests which threaten California agriculture. We also conduct and monitor exotic insect eradication activities.

Pesticide regulation, exotic insect pest detection.

Phone: 626.575.5466
Deputy Director Erin Zavala

Agricultural Pesticide Regulation Division

Enforces laws and regulations to protect the public, pesticide applicators, farm workers, crops, and the environment from improper or unsafe uses of pesticides. Regulated applicators include: licensed agricultural pest control operators, farmers, nursery specialists, maintenance gardeners, school maintenance staff and government employees. We also compile and publish annual crop and livestock statistics.

Pest Detection Division

Places and services over 24,000 insect traps annually to detect exotic insect pests which pose threats to California’s agricultural and horticultural crops. When an infestation is detected, the division assists state and federal agencies in conducting activities to promptly and effectively eradicate these pests.

Structural Pesticide Regulation Division

Enforces laws and regulations regarding pesticide use by hundreds of pest control companies operating within the county. We inspect thousands of termite fumigations and general pesticide applications. Worker & equipment safety inspections are conducted annually.


Pesticide Use Guides

Pesticide Safety Training Forms

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