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Owner Self-Compliance

Program-wide, most property owners elect to maintain their own properties. Doing the work yourself, or hiring a local company, gardener or landscaper is almost certainly less expensive than allowing ACWM to perform the work. An exception to this might be ACWM tractor discing which can be fairly cost effective, click on the button below to learn more. To help property owners decide, upon request ACWM will provide an estimate of the cost for ACWM to do the work.

Clearance Timing

Most property owners receive the Annual Notice in early February. This may be way too early to begin clearance of annual weeds and grasses which will almost certainly still be small and green. Refer to the schedule below for more details on when to clear the property.

Vegetation Type/ConditionApproximate Clearance Time
Green Annual Weeds or GrassWhen the annual weeds and grass begin to dry, usually beginning about April 1 to May 15.
Dry Annual Weeds or Grass over 3 inches in heightImmediately
Native BrushAs soon as possible. Best if done in the fall to early spring to avoid nesting birds.
Dead or Neglected Ornamental Plants/LandscapingAs soon as possible
Current Season's Tumbleweeds (Antelope Valley)By October 1

How to Avoid ACWM Clearance on Your Property

Contact ACWM for a Clearance Deadline

ACWM begins inspecting and clearing properties as early as April 1. This process takes time to complete so ACWM will be in many areas much later than this date. Upon request, ACWM will send a more area-specific deadline which could be later than April 1, but still consistent with the overall mission of hazard prevention. Requests for clearance deadlines can be made using the Response Card which is included in the Annual Notice or online at the ACWM website. Click the button below to visit our website.


Make sure the property is cleared

Make sure the property is cleared by April 1 or by the clearance deadline if one was requested.

Contact ACWM by April 1 or by the clearance deadline

Contact ACWM by April 1 or by the clearance deadline, if one was requested, for any questions regarding:

  • Clearance distance
  • Property boundaries
  • The extent to which vegetation needs to be completely removed or only trimmed, thinned or cut back.

Yes! Upon request, ACWM will come out before the deadline and inspect the progress of owner self compliance.

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