Despite Pest Exclusion programs, there are occasional infestations of exotic insect pests within the County. Our Pest Detection Division places and services over 24,000 insect traps annually to detect exotic insect pests which pose threats to California’s agricultural and horticultural crops. When an infestation is detected, the division assists state and federal agencies in conducting activities to promptly and effectively eradicate these pests. Early detection of infestations reduces damage to our crops, environment, and economy and reduces subsequent need for pesticide applications.

Integrated Pest Management is our approach to certain plant and animal pests that are established in our county. We provide pest control services to reduce the spread of disease vectors and certain animal, weed, insect and disease pests detrimental to agriculture, landscaping, and the environment through efficient, biologically sound and environmentally responsible control methods.

Part of our comprehensive approach to managing pests is to prevent them from getting here in the first place, and preventing them from spreading from one place to another if they have made it here. That's where Pest Exclusion comes in.

We protect consumers, home gardeners, agricultural producers, and the environment by enforcing laws and regulations to prevent entry and spread of insect pests, plant diseases, and invasive weeds. We do this through regular inspections at airports, express carriers, post offices, nurseries, and truck deliveries. Nursery and seed inspections monitor the cleanliness of nursery stock. Our Entomology/Plant Pathology Laboratory examines and identifies thousands of insect and plant specimens submitted annually by quarantine inspectors, the public, and pest control operators.



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