Weed Hazard & Pest Management Frequently Asked Questions

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Weed Hazard & Pest Management Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to go to this meeting?

No, you do not have to attend the meeting. The meeting is a protest hearing for any property owners that object to this card or any clearance on the property, whether it be the owner or county crews.


How much will it cost if county clears?

If you would like an estimate, write "I would like an estimate" in Owner's Response section.


I don't own this property! Why are you sending this to me?

If Ownership Changed, please write in new owner's name and address. Please contact the Office of the Assessor at (888) 807-2111 for change of address.


My property has a house on it and is completely landscaped! Why are you sending me this card?

If it is Improved and/or completely landscaped, please check box and return.


The vacant lot/improved lot adjacent to my home is full of weeds. I am calling to report it and ask, can you do something about this?

If the property where the hazard exists has a structure on it, it is controlled by the local fire station and must be reported to them for action. The phone number can be found in your local phone book. Or call the Brush Clearance Unit at (626) 969-2375. If the property is vacant, we will investigate your complaint. Please leave your name, address, a daytime phone number, and an address or location of the hazard, for example, the address next door or across the street or an intersection. Also leave a short description of the hazard. Or call our office at (626) 575-5484. After we have inspected the property, we will call you with the results of our investigation.


What do I have to clear?

If you want clearance requirements, write "I would like clearance requirements" in Owner's Response section.


What do I have to do with the Declaration Response card?

Please complete and return the response card, checking the box, Owner will maintain property or if you want the county to clear, please write in Owner's Response section "I want the county to clear." Fill out the card with your name and phone number and return or you may respond online at http://acwm.lacounty.gov .


What is my deadline, or when do I have to clear?

When the inspector receives your response, he/she will send you a deadline card. If you do not clear the property by the deadline the inspector gives you, county or vendor crews will be scheduled to clear your property.


What is the inspection fee?

The Board of Supervisors has authorized an inspection fee of $45.33 which will be assessed against all declared unimproved properties, whether or not they are cleared by the property owner. All declared improved and unimproved properties in the City of Monterey Park will be assessed the inspection fee.


What is this charge for?

This division is only responsible for the charges on your bill that are listed as LA CO HAZ ABATE. All other charges were placed on your bill by other agencies. The charge on your bill is for work done during the fiscal year prior to the tax year indicated on your tax bill. That is, work performed during the period July 1 to June 30 appears on the bill due the following November and March. If the charge is less than $47, it is an inspection fee which was authorized by the Board of Supervisors in 1989 and applied to unimproved property that is declared a hazard or potential hazard. If you did not own the property during the period in question, we cannot remove the charges until we see a copy of the grant deed showing the date of transfer. Please send us a note along with copies of the deed and your tax bill and we will respond within 30 days to your concerns. If you did own the property but believe the charges are excessive or that no work was performed, or if you have further questions, you may leave your name, address, daytime phone, a brief description of the problem and the Assessor's ID Number. We will respond within 30 days.


When did you inspect my lot?

Your lot is inspected throughout the year. If you would like to speak to an inspector, please provide your parcel or Assessor's ID Number, name, and phone number; and we will forward your question to an agricultural inspector assigned to your area and he/she will contact you.


Where is my parcel located?

If you have the mapbook, page number and parcel number or Assessor's Identification (ID) Number, we can look up the area or street where your parcel is located.


Why did you clear my lot?

In February of each year, we send routine legal notices to each property owner requesting he/she return the response card to advise us whether owner will maintain property or requests the county to clear. If the inspector found the property to be in violation of the Los Angeles County Fire Code or a specific City Fire Code, and the owner did not respond, the inspector scheduled the parcel to be cleared. If the property owner did not respond, we are authorized by the Board of Supervisors to clear the property and add the cost of such maintenance listed as a separate item (LA CO HAZ ABATE) on the annual tax bill.


What is this deadline card?

If you responded to our annual notice, we sent you a reminder that work needs to be done on your property before the stated date on the deadline card or the county may clear it without further notice. We hope you will be able to comply. If you want the county to abate the nuisance you need do nothing; the necessary work will be scheduled and performed with the charges placed on your property tax bill. If you want additional information we will refer you to the inspector who issued the deadline. The inspectors spend most of their time in the field. Please leave your name, daytime phone number and the Assessor's parcel number. The inspector will call you within a few days.

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